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​​​​​​​​​Atherosclerosis Assessment

​Atherosclerosis, the hardening of arteries​​, occurs when fat cholesterol and other substances build up in the walls of the arteries and form hard structures called plaques. ​

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​​Bone Density Testing

​A bone mineral density (BMD) test measures how much calcium and other types of minerals are present in a section of your bone.

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​​​​Dietary Counseling

​Dietary Counseling assists in prevention or treatment of nutrition-related illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

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​​​​Glucose Monitoring

Blood glucose monitoring is a way of testing the concentration of glucose in the blood (glyc​emia​).  Particularly important in the care of diabetes mellitus.

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​​​​Insulin Pump

Insulin pumps replace the need for periodic injections by delivering rapid-acting insulin continuously throughout the day using a catheter.

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​​​Lipoprotein/Cholesterol Analysis

A coronary risk profile is a test used to measure your cholesterol and triglyceride levels with groups of blood, helping to determine​​ your risk for heart disease. 

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